First Post

Getting proficient at making jewelry is hard and time consuming and then people want photos and websites to look at!  I'm working on all of that as you can see but I can't afford to pay someone to do it for me so I'm learning on the job.

Phones today take great pictures but DSLR is better.  But wait!  To use a DSLR requires downloading images to a computer and then it's easy to just transfer through a web interface and have the pictures to go where you want, right?  Not always.  Instagram doesn't play nice with computer downloads.  It does mobile really well though so I have to do double work.  I have to take pictures on both the phone and the DSLR!  It's crazy, no, I'm crazy or at least on my way there.  Granted, I know I can email myself the pictures two at a time and post them from the phone to Instagram but that takes at least as much time as it does to shoot twice.  Erg!