A day waiting

While I sit here waiting for the FedEx man to arrive, I'm taking the opportunity to update my page and add photos of my most recent work.   Though the majority of my work is jewelry, I started my artistic journey by making fused glass pieces.  My dear friend, Deborah, introduced me to the process about 8 years ago and taught me the fundamentals.  At first I made small pieces for pendants but then I made a larger piece for the wall; loved it, sold it and then quit.

Though I loved glass, I transitioned to jewelry and only this spring, started making fused glass landscapes again.  I love the meditative quality of sitting and figuring out how to place the glass in such a way as to create an image that is then melted to temperatures around 1400 degrees.  The final outcome is only partially predictable and full of risks.  

Choosing glass is only one element but a very important one.  Glass expands and contracts and has ratings referred to as COE ie: Co Efficiency of Expansion.  The glass I choose to use has a COE of 90. If a glass with a different ratting is added to a piece and fused, the result is fractures and total failure.  I had that happen in June after purchasing what I thought was the same glass I had been using, only in different colors. OOPS! 30 hours of work,destroyed.  

That's it.  Just a little update to my audience of zero!!  It's my understanding that if I were to dedicate myself to this endeavor, I might actually get some followers.  I think it unlikely that I'll do that since I much prefer making art!