About the Artist

Pam Schuster 

Pam Schuster lives and works in El Paso, Texas where she went to high school and college.  She moved to a small mountain town in New Mexico after college where she took every opportunity to be outside enjoying nature.  She frequently attended art shows and marveled at the skills and talents, artisans displayed but never dreaming she could join their ranks. 

Fate took a turn when Pam attended one of her high school reunions and reconnected with an old friend.  During the dating faze, her boyfriend asked her to make him some jewelry, which she thought was odd because he didn’t wear jewelry.  Over the course of several months, he continued to ask until one day she decided to find a way to make him a bracelet and ultimately his wedding ring.  That was the start of the wonderful journey she has embraced with all her heart.

During the same time, her dear friend Deborah invited her over to play with fused glass.  This little adventure started Pam down another path, making larger fused glass landscapes.  Each piece is comprised of hundreds or thousands of pieces of glass and take from 30 to 50 hours to finish.  The glass has remarkable qualities that capture and reflect light in ways that no other media can.  Some of Pam's work is set on textured and heat treated copper that shimmers and changes with the light of the day.

Inspired by nature, Pam searches to create jewelry and glass art that has a more natural and organic look. She designs and fabricates all of the pieces and components and treasures each piece she makes. 

Influenced by the artists who came before her, she searches to find her own voice through creating one of kind pieces that will travel through time with their owners and be passed through generations.